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Adoption and Fostering

Supporting foster carers, kinship, special guardians and adopters

BICTD videowall (may be slow to load)
Child Accident Prevention Trust
CoramBAAF Adoption & Fostering Academy
E-learning modules for prospective adopters and useful information for Family Support Practitioners
Learning resources for Fostering and Adoption
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents 
Suffolk County Council fostering
Suffolk County Council general
Safeguarding/child protection
Social Care Inspection
Tax and Welfare benefits for foster carers
Tax and Welfare benefits for foster carers - fostering.net
The Fostering Network
Training Support and Development Standards (search for TSD Standards for foster carers
UEA Website


When someone dies - leaflet

Winston's Wish - support for the bereaved

Digital Resilience Content for Parents

The content has been developed with Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Child psychologist & Internet Matters Ambassador

Digital Resilience for parents with 6-10’s - video
Digital Resilience for parents with 11-13 - video
Digital Resilience for parents with 14+ - video
What does digital Resilience mean - overview 
Parenting styles - video 

You can access all the videos, infographics and further contenthere

We also have 5 supporting infographics which can be printed or downloaded. Again these can be accessed on the link here

You'll also find useful information in the Mental/emotional health, Domestic Abuse, Child Exploitation Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Substance Misuse sections of Suffolk Learning 

Vulnerable mothers & Recurrent care proceedings 


Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 


National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome-UK 

NHS - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 

Drinkaware - Foetal Alcohol Syndrome 




The children were fine - article on moving children onto adoption

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - support for parents and carers

For support for parents who are non-abusing parents for children who have been sexually abused, there is the charity MOSAC
For support for parents of children who have been sexually exploited there is PACE
For support for families and children who have been abused online there is the Marie Collins Foundation 
The Centre for Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse have published an evidence review on How to Support Parents of Sexually Exploited Young People (conducted by Sara Scott and Di McNeish DMSS Research)
The centre have also produced a very user friendly infographic which is described as an “at a glance summary of the key areas in which parents need support”


Child Exploitation information pack

Exploitation Infographic

Missing - advice for parents and carers 

Advice for Parents and Carers on Gangs 

Modern Day Slavery 

Gang Leaflet - parents 

On Gangs and County Lines, the Children’s Society website is also very useful Click here - it has flyers translated in various languages.

Siblings Conference March 2017
FASD Conference 2019