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Timetable templates
This page contains seasonal timetable templates available for your children's centre to use.
The below timetables are available in three different colours, with four photographic cover versions to choose from for each season, in an A5; 8 page booklet layout. The new templates will still need to be converted to a PDF document once completed before uploading on Suffolk InfoLink. See examples below.
Examples of Winter timetable templates:                              Examples of Spring timetable templates:
Winter Cover 1 and Example Page                                            Spring Cover 1 and Example Page
Winter Cover 2                                                                           Spring Cover 2
Winter Cover 3                                                                           Spring Cover 3
Winter Cover 4                                                                           Spring Cover 4
Examples of Summer timetable templates:                           Examples of Autumn timetable templates:
Summer Cover 1 and Example Page                                         Autumn Cover 1 and Example Page
Summer Cover 2                                                                        Autumn Cover 2
Summer Cover 3                                                                        Autumn Cover 3
Summer Cover 4                                                                        Autumn Cover 4
How to request the new timetable templates: The new PDF timetable templates are too large for us to put on this page. To request them email fran.russo@suffolk.gov.uk stating which example template you would like and we will email this to you.