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2, 3 & 4 Year Old Funding Information
Provider Portal
All correspondence will be sent to the registered provider portal users email address only.
Remember you MUST NOT share the username and password with anyone, it is unique to the registered user.
The registered user will be sent 3 separate emails to enable them to register with the Provider Portal.
Registration & Logging In Guidance for Provider Portal revised 11/09/2018  
The link to the Provider Portal can be found HERE.
Using the Provider Portal
It is advised that you read all guidance notes and documentation before using the portal.  
Provider Portal FAQs - revised 09/09/2019
Provider Portal DAF Guidance - added 20/06/2018 
Provider Portal Extended Hours Checker - for 30 Hour Codes
Provider Portal Extended Hours Checker Guidance Notes - revised 29/04/2019
Parent Authorisation Forms (PAF)
PAF Provider Guidance  added 02/08/2019
PAF - V11a added 09/09/2019 (removal of a pre-checked box is only change from July version)
Stretched Offer
Stretched Offer Agreement Template V1 - Excel spreadsheet version - added 22/07/2019
Stretched Offer Agreement Template V2 - Word Version - added 23/07/19 
Dual Placement
Headcount Week for Autumn Term 2019 begins w/c 16 September 2019.
SCC Funding Statement revised 23/01/19
Early Education Funding Guidance NOT AVAILABLE Aug 2019 being revised
Advance Request Form - NOT AVAILABLE
Amending your bank details - use the LOP Proforma found HERE
For queries regarding any information on this page email: Childcare.Planning@suffolk.gov.uk
Proforma & Agreement of Use Form (Data Sharing Agreement)
& Ethnicity Codes