Bookstart Packs
This page gives details of the Bookstart Treasure Pack for funded children. 
Bookstart Treasure Pack
Bookstart gives away free book packs to every child in the UK to help children become a confident and eager learner before they start school. More information can be found on their website .
Bookstart Treasure Gifts are given to funded 3 and 4 year olds from their nursery, playgroup or other early years setting.
3 and 4 year old funded children at a childcare setting should receive their Bookstart Treasure pack the term following their third birthday (The 3 year olds who are eligible are those who are in their first term of claiming 3 year old funding).
Delivery of Bookstart Treasure pack.

Bookstart packs will usually be delivered after each half term holiday in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. The courier will be provided with the delivery details of the provision and a contact telephone number in the event of any queries.

We have allocated the correct number of books which, according to the claim you submitted. There should be enough books for you to give to each child, see the table below to help you work this out.

Childs 3rd birthday between

Distribution will be during

1st January and 31st March

Summer term

1st April and 31st August

Autumn term

1st September and 31st December

Spring term

Please keep a record at your provision of which children you have given the bookstart packs to in case of any queries.

As we can only base the delivery quantity on the number of funded children, if you have any children that are unfunded then we will not know about them until you let us know.

If you find that you have not had enough packs delivered, please could you check whether any children at your provision also attend another provider and may have received their pack at this provision.

If you have any queries about bookstart packs for 3 year olds please contact the Family Information Service by email: 

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Please contact the library service directly regarding the packs below