Provider Portal - information
The Provider Portal is a secure, web-based system allowing an authorised person (registered portal user) to submit Early Education funding claims for funded children online. 
If your registered portal user has left your provision or will be absent during the task period, you can change the authorised user by completing a new proforma and submitting to the portal inbox below. We would recommend that the authorised user is not changed frequently.
What you must do:
To use the Provider Portal, fully complete and sign the Agreement of Use form (Data Sharing Agreement) and the Provider Portal Proforma and return by email to:
PVI Provider Portal Agreement of Use (Word) download and save to PC first before filling in. 
PVI Provider Portal Pro-forma (Word) download and save to PC first before filling in.
Schools Portal Proforma (Word) download and save to PC first before filling in.
Schools Agreement of Use- Data Sharing agreement (Word) download and save to PC first before filling in.
The Agreement of Use - Data Sharing Agreement:
Thoroughly read, understand, and sign the Agreement of Use - Data Sharing Agreement before you return it. This stage must be completed before you can use the Provider Portal.
The person who completes and signs the Agreement of Use - Data Sharing Agreement must be legally authorised to do so.
The pro-forma must be completed by the person who will submit your funding claims using the Provider Portal. Only one person at your setting can be the responsible person (registered portal user.
The criteria for Provider Portal accounts:

The email address associated with the account must be a unique personal email address (for example
The guidance will help you to do this. Also see Suffolk County Council (SCC) policies regarding data protection, information security and acceptable use, for you to adopt if you do not have your own policies (not suitable for Schools who shoulld have their own policies). 

The authorised person will enter details of all your funded children into the Provider Portal, which once you have carried out the required checks, will enable you to submit your claim to the Early Years and Childcare Service for validation.
The pro-forma to set up a user account on the Provider Portal:
It must be an email address used/accessible only by the individual and should only be used for work/professional correspondence.
Shared email accounts used by other family members would NOT be acceptable.
Generic email account names (for example and email accounts used by more than one member of staff are NOT acceptable.
What we will do with the information you provide
We will use the information from the completed pro-forma to create a Provider Portal account.