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Contact us

To relieve the pressure we are experiencing on our telephone line we are asking childcare providers to email in their enquiries by completing the appropriate form.
Before completing one of the forms below please check the relevent subject page on this site to see if the answer to your enquiry can be found.
Queries relating an individual child should be sent by completing the referral form HERE
Referrals for any other enquiry, you should complete the 'OTHER' referral form which can be found HERE
Please remember to save the form to your computer first before entering any information, once the form is completed please send it by secure email to: childcare.planning@suffolk.gov.uk
You should receive an automated response to your email and we will contact you if any further information is required.
Once your call has been logged a member of the team will aim to contact you within 5 working days.

If you feel your enquiry does not require a referral form to be completed, please email: childcare.planning@suffolk.gov.uk
How to request and respond to a secure email