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This page contains information and guidance regarding assessments in the EYFS:
*NEW* Starting Points and Progress Tracking in the EYFS (added 15/01/16)
Sample documents
My Learning Journey (MLJ)
7) Progress Tracker - Specific Areas See updated individual progress tracker above
Statutory Assessment
The ‘EYFS progress check at age 2’ and ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Profile’ are the statutory assessments within the 0-5 years phase of education. The links below open up the relevant guidance.
Supporting children’s progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage
As adults with the privilege of the responsibility for caring and supporting the development and learning of children, it is vital that we understand how each child is progressing on their individual journey. The contents of this page provide practitioners, parents and carers with information, guidance and documentation on how to assess where children are along their route and how best to support them in the future. 
Please note : By collecting information about children and their development we are creating important and valuable data. Understand your role and letting parents and carers know what you are doing is essential. 
Please ensure your provision as the appropriate policies in place for data collection and sharing.
Suffolk County Councils Privacy Notice -  Information regarding how SCC will use and share data