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Which children will trigger High Needs Funding?

The High Needs Funding process will apply to all eligible Suffolk children in receipt of:

up to 15 hours early education entitlement (eligible 2,year olds and 3 & 4 year olds)
up to 30 hours early education entitlement (eligible 3 & 4 year olds)
Under the new funding arrangements, funding must follow children as near to ‘real time’ as possible, therefore it will be necessary to assess every eligible child each term in order to ensure that providers are properly funded for each pupil they have with clearly evidenced high tariff needs.

The High Needs Funding is available for children whose special educational needs are significant and complex and the support necessary to make provision for them, exceeds a nominal threshold of £2,550.00 (per annum) including the cost of the universal provision available for all children.

Please remember that High Needs Funding is a contribution, the amount is worked out by the hourly rate for the type need (complex, complex/severe or severe) multiplied by the number of hours claimed in a week, to match to early education grant hours claimed. This will give the termly total.
There are some examples below:
• Complex needs (£23.33 per hour) x 10 hours claimed per week = £233.30 per term
• Complex/severe (£36.67 per hour) x 15 hours claimed per week = £550.05 per term
• Severe (£50 per hour) x 12 claimed per week = £600.00 per term
For Schools only
This means that only a child in the Nursery Class will be eligible to apply in this section.
For Children in the Reception Class (YR) or above please click HERE for more information.
High Needs Funding paperwork
Summer Term 2019: Deadline for submitting is 4pm on Friday 3 May 2019

Below you will find an application form, EYFS tracker and appendix (descriptor) together in one document listed by appendix.

Please select the most relevant appendix and only fill in one per child. Ensure you read the guidance notes before completing the form.
HNF Guidance Notes (PDF) Revised April 2019
Appendix A - Physical skills (Word)   
Appendix B - Vision and Hearing (Word)  

Appendix C - Speech, Language and Communication (Word)  

Appendix E
- Attention, Motivation and Engagement (Word)  

Appendix F
 - Social Communication Difficulties and ASD (Word)  

Appendix G - Health (Word)  
Applications for all eligible children will need to be made during the first two weeks of each school term. Information will be updated on this site termly for you to download. It is your responsibility to look for this information and return it to us on time. Reminders will not be sent.
REPEAT APPLICATIONS- The whole form will now need to fully completed for repeat applications, this change has been requested by the moderators.
All applications should be sent by secure email please read the HNF guidance notes for more information or click HERE.
If you have any queries regarding High Needs Funding please email: EYCSEN@suffolk.gov.uk