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Social Communication and Interaction Group

Social Communication and Interaction groups were devised by early years professionals, speech and language therapists, and parents. They aim to support children to join in with small group activities. They provide structured opportunities for children which encourage them to become aware of other people, to make choices, to develop imitation skills, and learn how to take turns.

How to set up a Social Communication and Interaction Group

An introduction to Social Communication and Interaction groups and a guide to running groups:

Planning and resources for the six sessions

Examples of planning for a set of six Social Communication and Interaction group sessions and lists of the resources needed to run the sessions:

Plans for the set of 6 Social Communication and Interaction group sessions
Observation and Recording

Keeping records of the sessions helps to inform the planning for next steps and future sessions. Observation of children’s responses during the sessions can also provide some illuminating insights. The observation sheets below suggest alternative ways to record your observations of individuals or groups of children and can be used and adapted to record progress and to plan future sessions:

If you have a child with quite complex language and social communication and interaction needs using the observation profile below will give you a clear and detailed picture of the child’s needs and rate of progress. This form can also act as evidence when talking to parents, support teams or external professionals:
Ideas for extension activities

Examples of extension activities for children who have mastered the basics of the sessions.  You may also want to develop your own extension activities:

Guide to planning extension activities 

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