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What to do if you have concerns about a child’s speech and language development

The materials included on this page help EYFS providers to support children when there is a concern around a child’s speech and language development.

Flow Chart - steps to take when a speech concern is identified. (Updated July 2018)

These materials can be used to support settings to gather information and make assessments when a speech, language and communication need has been identified.

Speech and Language Wellcomm Tool
Speech and Language Information and Guidance on how to access the WellComm Screening Tool to use in your setting.
Wellcomm Screening Tool

Wellcomm is a Speech and Language screening tool. It is an Early Identification screening check to provide support for children with speech and language delay. The Early Years and Childcare Service have a number of toolkits which are able to be loaned out.

Please contact the Family Information Service by email childcare.planning@suffolk.gov.uk for advice and to request to borrow the speech and language Wellcomm Screening Tool for an individual child. We will refer you to a member of the Early Years and Childcare Service who will visit the setting with the materials and provide advice and guidance on using this.
If your setting is interested in purchasing this Screening Tool - simply Google 'Wellcomm Screening Tool' online to find where you can purchase this.   

Following initial assessment and discussions with parents, these strategies can be used to support children to develop their communication and language skills.

For referrals see section below
Referral Forms
Health Services- Paediatric Referrals (including Speech and Language Therapy)
There is now one referral form for all services (SaLT, Physio, OT etc) and one place to send them regardless of location in Suffolk. 
Guidance leaflet for Paediatric Services
Referral Form for Paediatric Services **NOTE**this form should be returned to the NHS email address on the top of the form** 
This information is also available on the NHS Suffolk Community Services Website 
Speech and Language in the Lowestoft / Waveney Area - Information and Referral Process can be found at the link below
Additional Support

Please use the IAA referral form to request support from the Early Years and Childcare Service

Please see the link below for other relevant websites which offer further advice and support