Manual Handling Guidance for Early Years PVI settings and schools (EYFS)
It is the responsibility of the school/setting to:
• Carry out manual handling risk assessments. These should include the tasks that may be necessary, the environment, and the individual capability of employees and assistants who may be involved. They should identify the steps that need to be taken to manage risk in general terms and the control measures for mobility assistance and other manual handling risks. The risk assessment should consider both routine manual handling and emergency situations when manual-handling procedures may have to be adapted (e.g. evacuation in the event of a fire).
• Advice from the OT and parents will help form the school/settings risk assessment and training/mentoring decisions.

If general MH is needed above and beyond the advice from the Health & Safety Executive
There are many training providers that provide a basic course.

Health and safety legislation does NOT prohibit all moving and handling; rather it requires employers to adopt a risk management approach.

Sometimes, more detailed specialist training will be required.

Here are the specialist training option that Workforce Development aware of for the eastern region. Independent Special Schools may also provide a similar service.

Priory School Outreach – Supporting SEND in Mainstream
Chris Ugolini – independent trainer