Early Years and Childcare – EYFS Statutory Guidance 2017
The EYFS statutory framework 2017 states: 
3.5. A practitioner must be designated to take lead responsibility for safeguarding children in every setting. Childminders must take the lead responsibility themselves. The lead practitioner is responsible for liaison with local statutory children's services agencies, and with the LSCB. They must provide support, advice and guidance to any other staff on an ongoing basis, and on any specific safeguarding issue as required. The lead practitioner must attend a child protection training course that enables them to identify, understand and respond appropriately to signs of possible abuse and neglect (as described at paragraph 3.6)
3.6. Providers must train all staff to understand their safeguarding policy and procedures, and ensure that all staff have up to date knowledge of safeguarding issues. Training made available by the provider must enable staff to identify signs of possible abuse and neglect at the earliest opportunity, and to respond in a timely and appropriate way.
Early Years and Childcare Providers Safeguarding Training
Suffolk County Council’s Early Years and Childcare Service offer safeguarding training specific to early years and childcare practitioners (pre-school playgroups, out of school clubs, day nurseries and childminders).

In line with Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements, childcare providers must take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

The lead practitioner for safeguarding must attend a child protection training course (3.5), taking advice from the LSCB or local authority on appropriate training courses (footnote 12). We advise that childminders and members of staff in group childcare should receive at least 2 hours Safeguarding training, have a good understanding of safeguarding, and regularly renew their learning.

When selecting training you must ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of Suffolk LSCB’s safeguarding processes and procedures.

Suffolk County Council provide training that will reflect current LSCB procedures:

Early Years Safeguarding Training (suitable as an introduction and to refresh your learning). This is provided face-to-face either as a venue based or in setting course. Course Code E-SG - Delegate workbook can be found HERE

Early Years Designated Safeguarding Lead: Roles and Responsibilities Training for safeguarding leads and childminders. Course Code E-RAR

Safer Recruitment Practice for Early Years and Childcare Settings specifically for managers, leaders and relevant committee members. Course Code E-SR

In Setting training:

Early Years Safeguarding Training (3 and half hours) - Course code E-SGinsetting

Please note due to limited trainer capacity, venue training will take priority, as will applications from groups of more than 12 people. Settings are encouraged to join together or invite individuals such as childminders to their training to make it cost effective.

To book any of the above training please go to the Early Years & Childcare channel on www.suffolkcpd.co.uk
Important legislative guidance

As stated in the EYFS Statutory Framework, providers must have regard to the following legislative guidance (3.7 page 17): 

DfE 2017 ‘Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage’ (in particular section 3.5 and 3.6 which refer explicitly to training)

A high percentage of Requires Improvement and inadequate settings in Suffolk are due to safeguarding concerns raised at the Ofsted inspection.

Providers must have an implemented policy and procedures to safeguard children. These should be in line with the guidance and procedures of the relevant LSCB. (3.4)