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CLEAPSS - Safety in Science, DT and Art


8 June 2020: New CLEAPSS guidance during COVID-19:

CLEAPSS Primary have just issued a superb guidance document titled 'Organising and managing hands on activities in science, D&T and art, in a partially reopened primary school. It confirms that the use of equipment IS able to occur, but that planning, delivery, set up and clear up will take longer. If you are a maintained school you will be able to obtain this guidance as part of the county subscription, so head over to the CLEAPSS website at http://primary.cleapss.org.uk/ and search for P104, dated May 2020. If you have problems with obtaining it (maintained schools) email me at nina.bickerton@suffolk.gov.uk and I'll give you a hand.
COVID-19 News Bulletin - 20 April 2020
 CLEAPSS has produced a new Bulletin (see below) which won't be sent in paper copy - so please do download it and share with colleagues. It's got some great articles about ecological activities to do at home, information for primary-secondary transition, some new Practical Procedures (PPs) and much more.
Guide to CLEAPSS Services - G001
If you are unfamiliar with what CLEAPSS can do for your school, then please read the document below - it'll give you an excellent overview of their services.  Details below as to how to arrange membership for maintained schools. 
New document on storage and disposal of chemicals in schools, issued by the DfE:

The document below is practical advice for teachers, technicians and other staff who buy, store or dispose of hazardous chemicals. It will need to be read and used in conjunction with the advice you receive from CLEAPSS. As you can see from the article below, CLEAPSS have new website addresses, so please bookmark those. Any concerns please call Nina Bickerton.


There are some changes to the CLEAPSS website which you need to know about...

Whilst you can still access the old site at http://www.cleapss.org.uk/ , all CLEAPSS members should now be using the new websites for accessing documents.

The website above will shortly be decommissioned and content is being removed. Please make sure you update any bookmarks you have to reflect the resources location on the new websites.

To visit the new websites, please click on a link below:

New CLEAPSS Science Site Information for science teachers and technicians on all aspects of secondary science, including Bulletins, HazCards, Practical Procedures etc.

New CLEAPSS Primary Site Information for primary teachers of science, technology, art and design. Includes teaching ideas, doing things safely, primary competition and leadership guidance.

New CLEAPSS Technology Site Information for teachers and managers of resistant materials, textiles, food, art and design and construction. Includes project ideas, model risk assessments, FutureMinds newsletter and management guidance.

If you need to contact CLEAPSS you can call them on 01895 251 496 or write to them at CLEAPSS, The Gardiner Building, Brunel Science Park, Uxbridge UB8 3PQ. There is also a contact / helpline form on the ‘Contact us’ page of their website.

Radiation Protection (Officer) advice can be sought from Nina Bickerton – nina.bickerton@suffolk.gov.uk / 01473 260 399.

If you are not a member of CLEAPSS please consider being so – it’s incredibly useful and provides up to date and professional advice. Please contact Schools’ Choice for more information.

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