Educational Visits and EVOLVE
Great news to hear you and your school or class are off on an educational visit / trip! Studies show that these off site ventures really can contribute to the learning and social process to help students flourish.  We realise however that it's not always an easy thing to do if you're part of the teaching staff or a volunteer, there's so much to think about and plan, not just for health and safety, either.

Here in Schools' Health and Safety, we run a traded service called EVOLVE.  It's an Educational Visits Advisory Service, and here's a couple of bits of information on what's what. Any questions please email us at 
 24 JULY 2020: 
During these COVID-19 times, training has obviously been restricted / cancelled.  EduFocus have however, devised an online webinar for EVC training.  This has been endorsed by the validators and is available via the EVOLVE website HERE. We will be able to tell you more about when courses resume 'as normal' as soon as possible. 
8 June 2020:  A letter from Jake Wiid, Educational Visits Advisor
Please follow this link: to find a letter from Jake about the use of school grounds and 'open learning areas'.  It will be of use when planning activities for the rest of this term.


Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, we have cancelled the EVOLVE EVC Training on 30th April 2020, and the EVC Update Training on 1st May 2020.  We are currently looking into ways to move this training to an electronic platform, although if this is not possible, the courses will be rescheduled.  For now, we will hold places for all delegates booked onto these courses and consider how and when we can run these courses again. 

17 March 2020:
EVOLVE (Educational Visits) Guidance relating to COVID-19 can be found HERE 
What is EVOLVE? 

EVOLVE is an online tool for planning and managing educational visits, on-site activities, and sports fixtures. It is currently used by over 28,000 schools across the UK. It has been developed by experienced teachers and educational practitioners and has been designed with teachers in mind. It helps schools, academies, colleges, trusts and Local Authorities improve and simplify the process of planning, approving, monitoring, evaluating and reporting all learning which takes place outside of the classroom.

Why should you subscribe to EVOLVE? 

EVOLVE and the Educational Visits Advisory Service supports Headteachers, Governors and Principals in fulfilling their responsibilities relating to educational visits under health and safety legislation. The service includes access to guidance, advice, and support which meet the statutory obligations of the local authority, the employer’s responsibilities (where a Governing Body or Trust are the employer) and the school.

By choosing to use the EVOLVE system you are reducing your school’s risk, because all legal and statutory obligations are met. If you choose not to use EVOLVE and there is an incident on a school trip, then you would need to prove that your school’s system is as robust as the EVOLVE system.   Whatever you do - ensure you have a plan for the trip, a robust risk assessment, an emergency plan, contact details of who can help when something goes wrong, and full consent of all parents and carers. 

How do I find out more about the service?
There is a new Service Offer (February 2020) on this page, as below. It outlines what is offered and the new pricing structure for April and September 2020. Any questions can be answered via - Nina or Lisbeth will try and help you out. 
Educational Visit Coordinator (EVC)
All schools, regardless of whether you use Evolve or not, are recommended to have an EVC, who has training and experience to be able manage the overall coordination of all trips for the school. For smaller schools, this may be headteacher.
We run two EVC courses:
EVC course (full day)
For all new EVCs. They will learn aspects of the law related to educational visits, risk assessment of visits, and the administrative requirements associated with off-site educational activities.
EVC Update (half day)
A refresher for existing EVCs. It is recommended that all EVCs should do the EVC Update course every three years in order to keep themselves update on best practice and the legal remit surrounding off-site educational activities. 
To find out more about , including coming course dates, please see the EVC training poster below. There is also a booking form to us.
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