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Newly Qualified Teachers


Welcome to the Suffolk Local Authority (LA) site for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs), Induction Tutors and all those who support the NQT induction process in schools or colleges.

Suffolk LA acts as the induction Appropriate Body (AB) for all its maintained schools and is pleased to work in partnership with non-maintained schools and colleges within or outside the county.

All teachers who have obtained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) after 7 May 1999, by what ever route, must complete an induction period if they are to work in maintained schools or in non-maintained special schools in England.

On this site you will find easily accessible advice and guidance to implement and support the statutory framework for induction as well as the documents you will require. Also included are additional resources, links to related sites and all the latest news.


Latest News

DfE have updated the Statutory Guidance and the latest version can be accessed at this website - (see menu for DfE Statutory Guidance on Induction 2018)

Registering Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) with the Appropriate Body (AB)

This notice is to remind schools of their responsibilities in relation to the registration of NQTs with an Appropriate Body to start or continue their induction period.

* Schools should check and confirm the NQT’s QTS status as teachers are only legally able to start the induction period once they have been awarded QTS.

If you have any concerns about the eligibility of an NQT please contact el.nqtenquiries@suffolk.gov.uk. To assist your enquiry we will need the NQT’s Date of Birth and Teacher Reference Number (TRN).

* Schools are also required to register eligible new NQTs, or those continuing their induction having transferred from another Appropriate Body, with Suffolk AB using the standard registration form, which can be found on the NQT website at www.suffolklearning.co.uk (click on Education & Learning then click Newly Qualified Teachers). Please note that this registration form is needed in addition to any information you may have forwarded to HR Services concerning the appointment of an NQT for contractual purposes.

If the NQT is not registered with the Appropriate Body they are not eligible to begin their induction. The AB is required to report induction registration dates to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) and retrospective registrations will not be possible. A delay in the registration of an NQT may result in a delay to the start and completion of the induction period and can have a number of consequences. Registration of the NQT with Suffolk AB also triggers the sending of induction support materials to the NQT and their induction tutor.

Arrangements for 2018/2019 are available on this website under the Induction Service for 2018-2019 tab.