Induction Service 2018-2019
For the academic year 2018/2019 the charges will be £140 per NQT per term. A 10% discount will apply for schools that employ 5 or more NQTs.
There has been a change to the funding model from an annual fee to a termly one. Suffolk has for many years kept the charges significantly lower than other competitors but we are now having to charge at a more realistic rate. The rates charged by Suffolk are very competitive and compare incredibly favourably with near neighbours. Recognising the price increase, and to support schools, charges will be invoiced termly so that costs are split over two financial years.
A Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be in place with each school using the service and a copy forwarded to each school that registers an NQT with the AB.

Please be aware that all NQTs will be eligible to attend a welcome session without any further cost to the school. Additionally, Induction Tutor training will be provided, free of charge, as part of the Service Level Agreement 2018/2019 in recognition that it is deemed to be a statutory requirement and is a critical element in the positive development of the teaching workforce in Suffolk.

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