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NQT registration document
Eligibility to Begin Induction

Before NQTs can begin their induction period, they must have Qualified Teacher Status, which includes the requirement that they have successfully passed the Skills Tests in Numeracy and Literacy.

Ensuring the post is suitable for induction
Employment of less than one school term:
NQTs employed for a period of less than one school term are not eligible to start or re-start their induction.
Supply Teaching: 
If an NQT takes up a long term supply teaching contract for a term or more, this can form part of the induction period and they have the same obligations and entitlements as any other NQT. To be a suitable post for induction the post must involve regular teaching of the same classes and the headteacher must agree, at the start of the period, to take responsibility for the NQT’s induction programme. If an NQT is offered a supply placement that lasts for a term or more involving only day to day cover of absent teachers. If an NQT begins an induction programme in a school where they have previously taught on a short-term supply basis, the induction period cannot be “backdated”. 
Schools in Special Measures:
Schools in special measures cannot normally host Induction. However where a teacher has already started an induction period in the school,  before the school entered special measures, then induction can be served.
**** NQT Registration ****
Schools must register NQTs with an Appropriate Body in order for them to start their induction.  Suffolk Appropriate Body is now using an online system called NQT Manager. If you wish to register your NQT to start from September 2019 then you will need to register your NQT via NQT Manager -  please follow this link and enter Suffolk to access Suffolk AB home page - https://www.nqtmanager.com/appropriate-bodies
Initially Induction co-ordinator's must create an account by clicking the yellow button to register their school. The induction co-ordinator can then add headteacher's (if not already the induction co-ordinator), tutor's, an admin account and register NQTs.
If you have any queries, then there are some very helpful user manuals to guide you step by step through the registration process or alternatively call Emma Hepburn on 01473 263951.

If an NQT moves from one Suffolk school to another, during the induction period, the new school must re-register the NQT with the Appropriate Body for continued recognition of their induction period.
Calculating the Length of Induction for Part-Time NQTs
It is possible to complete an induction programme on a part-time basis. The induction period for a part-time NQT is calculated pro-rata so that the same number of sessions is covered as for a full-time NQT.

NQTs need to be clear about how long their induction period should last, if they are teaching part-time. If you are unsure how to calculate this, or want to confirm this, contact Emma Hepburn: el.nqtenquiries@suffolk.gov.uk, Tel: 01473 263951.