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Teachers from the Irish Republic

Schools with NQTs who trained in the Irish Republic will need to write a letter to the Registration and Garda Vetting service in Ireland upon completion of the induction period, or for any part thereof, served at the school.

This is to enable the Teaching Council of Ireland to inform the Teaching Regulation Agency in England that the individual has completed all training elements required and is eligible to teach as a qualified teacher in England.

Without this letter the individual will not be able to teach in a maintained school in England and will not be deemed qualified in Ireland.

This is a very important letter and must include the following:

1. The name of the school (letter to be on headed paper).

2. That the school is a relevant school in the UK.

3. The name of the teacher or NQT.

4. Confirmation that the named teacher has completed the Induction Programme at the school.

5. The duration of time that the teacher has spent at the school.

6. Details of the induction sessions attended.
This needs to include any training events and should note that regular (weekly) meetings were held with the induction tutor, the NQT had a termly action plan and received all entitlements that are statutory for NQTs in England

7. Confirmation that induction was supervised/overseen by the head teacher of the school.

8. Confirm a recommendation has been made to the school’s Appropriate Body (please name Suffolk County Council as the Appropriate Body), that the NQT has met the DfE Teacher’s Standards 2012.

9. Signature of the Head Teacher.

The Appropriate Body is also required to send a letter confirming that the NQT has completed an induction programme that is fully compliant with Induction Regulations in the United Kingdom and equivalent to that followed by UK trained NQTs. Additionally, this needs to confirm that the school has informed the Appropriate Body that they consider the NQT to be working at a level which meets the DfE Teacher’s Standards 2012, i.e. equivalent to successful completion of the induction period.

Please send the letter to the address below:

Registration and Garda Vetting Sections
The Teaching Council
Block A, Maynooth Business Campus
Co .Kildare
W23 Y7X0

A copy of the letter should be provided to the NQT.

Please contact celia.moore@suffolk.gov.uk if you need any clarification or support.

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