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The way apprenticeships are developed and funded have recently changed. These changes are providing exciting opportunities for staff working or wishing to work in Suffolk County Council’s children and adult services where ‘growing our own’ forms a core part of the apprenticeship programmes. Corporate funding is available to cover the full training costs associated with each apprenticeship, subject to meeting eligibility criteria.
Our apprenticeship programmes will support key entry points into the organisation as well as clear career progression pathways for existing staff. Trailblazer groups are developing new apprenticeship routes for both adult and children’s services. Workforce Development are working with practice and service managers as well as partner organisations to develop programmes as these national trailblazers gain government approval. 
For more information on the recent apprenticeship reforms please click here.
Employing new apprentices
We are actively promoting the recruitment of individual new apprentices across our services. When recruiting to existing posts managers should always consider if the role would be suitable for an apprentice. The apprenticeship funding will pay for the training costs only and it will remain the responsibility of the manager to pay wages out of existing staffing budgets.
General guidance and HR support including the recruitment process can be accessed via AskHR
Workforce Development are also happy to provide targeted advice and guidance in relation to sector specific apprenticeship routes.
Workforce development are working with practice and service managers to develop new apprentice programmes. These currently include:
• Apprentice Social Worker (Adult and Children’s services) 
• Apprentice Home First Reablement Support Worker (Adult services) 
• Apprentice Family Support Practitioner (Children’s services) 
Opportunities for existing staff
There are a range of opportunities for front line and support staff across both services. Any member of staff can apply to undertake a fully funded apprenticeship qualification so long as they meet the eligibility criteria and have line management approval. When undertaking an apprenticeship, staff will be given dedicated time away from their day to day job for ‘off the job training’. Over the lifetime of the apprenticeship this must equate to 20% of their contracted hours. How and when this is taken is decided between the training provider, the apprentice and line manager.
For more information, including details of funding criteria and application process go to AskHR
The government have a full list of available apprenticeships which can be accessed here
In addition, WFD and corporate HR have produced a series of posters which provide ‘at a glance’ details of popular apprenticeship routes within our service
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